Runway extension: not getting any traction due to budget constraints.

Grass strip: 1000′ x 45′ Will be compacted as soon as the Spring weather allows. Marker cones to be placed and buried in position at the strip approach ends.

Cement landing pad for refueling helicopters completed.

Drainage ditch on the parking terrain contoured and filled with crushed rock to ensure better drainage to protect the nearby apron.

Access roads to hangars: topping of crushed rock placed, to keep mud out of the hangar areas.


Tree clearing- On recommendations from Conservation Officers to deter bears to climb fence, trees were cleared on the west side of the entire runway to fence line.  Burning to commence this winter.

Service Location Map – we have now completed a Service Location Map of all the services on the airport.  Many thanks to Don M. for getting this completed.

Runway Lights – Changed so that there is no ability to click the lights off – they are now timed out after 15 minutes.

Paving – Taxiway and apron have been re-paved (approximately 42,000 sq. ft.)  Hold lines, centre lines and helicopter landing pad to be painted on new pavement.

New Terminal building. Amazing. The politicians acknowledged the need and fully supported the project.   Creston Valley Regional Airport Society partnered with C.A.S.A.R.A, Ground SAR and RDCK Emergency Services to apply for funding for an Emergency Services Building.  A contribution of $100,000 was generously granted by Columbia Basin Trust torwards the construction of this new Building. Certain members of the Board made this work and as usual our volunteers were there to put the finishing touches.  The UNICOM code allows pilots who are weathered in or have a long wait at the airport to use the new “Pilots Lounge”.  This provides pilots an area to relax, use our WiFi or telephone.  There is also full washroom facilities complete with shower.  In the event there is an incident, this building could possibly become a “fixed base operation” for Forest Fire Suppression, Search & Rescue, etc.


Parking lot. Late October the entrance to and the parking lot was redone and a shallow drainage ditch cut to channel the water off the surface. Thanks for the volunteers who did a great job. We shall miss last years ice rink conditions though.

Runway lighting extension. Completed. To raise the lights by 50 cm, to get it out of the snow. Low wing fellows, stay on the center line.

GPS approach now certified and usable.

Web cams. The last of the trees that used to obscure the view to the South were cut down.

Ditching: to protect the main taxi way from further water damage.  Was completed September, 21st. Quite a dramatic result. The culvert to the South of the ambulance access road was not functioning. Ken’s ingenuity saved the day and water now drains away better.

Bravo grass taxiway: entry to this needs to be widened and a wider culvert put in. This, to make it safer for short dragsters (drivers of tail draggers) to exit off Alpha onto the grass taxiway. Early spring 2011 project? Was done. Thanks Aaron and Fred.

Seal coating of the Apron, 2010: 90% completed. All done by a group of volunteers with Bill P, Fred and Rudi in the lead.  Good job.

Tie Downs: spots were rearranged and some of the tie downs upgraded with the help of Fred and Bill P.  This is an ongoing project as Ken and Aaron buried and prepare three more spots this September. Thanks to them and the folks that moved into their allocated spots.  Some repairs were done to the Charlie taxiway and seeding to be done some time.

Water system: Early summer Wild West Water(Chris) completed the bore hole and plumbing  to supply water for use at the airport.

Fire suppression tank: The fire truck quick link was installed and the 25,000 gallon tank filled to assist Lister in their fire fighting efforts, if the need arises. The winterization (insulation and heating) to protect the outlet valve is done yearly.

GPS approach navigation: still in the restricted category, due to a lack of direction at Transport Canada and close proximity to USA border and issues with the missed approach L hand climb and turn.

Runway Blower/Sweeper:  Purchased from Springbank in Alberta.  Maintains runway in winter months to allow Medevacs to land.

Airport Operating Procedure Manual: a Biggie. Where to start?

Fuel farm: A canopy to protect the Cardlock was built by volunteers and installed by Les and volunteers in 2009. This year a new Avgas nozzle, hose and electric winder were installed by Les.  An excellent upgrade. Thanks to the volunteers for the painting etc.

Grass strip: Strip was mowed, baled and in use.

Pump house: Metal sides up, looking great. Thanks to Aaron.

Miscellaneous: Electrical room needs a ventilation fan installed.

Apron and tie down Access road to the North of the fuel farm:  This allows easier access to these hangars and tie downs and to keep vehicles off the Piper and Wigen taxi ways.

Website development: the progress is slow but steady. Membership to open up and allowing their contribution to some of the fields to follow. The confidentiality issue of personal details are of concern.