Strategic Plan


The primary goal of the Creston Valley Regional Airport Society is to utilize its assets of land, its geographic advantages relative to surrounding communities within the Regional Regional Central District and a stable local economy to drive the airport toward sustainability.

An appreciated regional asset, that will provide a safe, secure facility of economic value for our community through real growth and responsible planning.

CVRAS Core Values

• Accessibility – through responsible management and operations CVRAS strives to ensure the airport is open and accessible to its stakeholders at all times.

• Safety and Security – the airport must be operated consistently at all times in accordance with all federal, provincial, regional and local regulations and laws pertaining to the safety of all user groups of the airport. Pilots and passengers of all aircraft flying into Creston will value this airport as a safe and secure destination.

• Economic value – as the community grows the airport will continue to be valued as essential infrastructure not only for the growth of business but supporting essential regional services such as Air Ambulance/Medevac.

• Communication – continually communicate the services provided by this airport and to create awareness in the public about safety, security and importance of the facility to this region.


To carry out the “DUTIES, STANDARDS and RESPONSIBILITIES” of operating the Creston in accordance with all federal, provincial, regional, and local regulations and laws in cooperation with the Town of Creston and the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

To promote economic development and service to the entire region with respect to the requirements of the aviation industry and its cooperation with the public at large.