Map of Sensitive Birds in the Creston Valley

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Hi Ron,
This e/m I am forwarding to you is from the Wildlife Biologist from Nelson that does bird studies in the Creston area. She was at the club meeting this last Wednesday and gave a talk about the nesting sites and hazards to aircraft flying over them as well as disruption to the birds if aircraft fly low over the sites… the birds will leave the nests and make the eggs vulnerable to predators…. if there is too much air…. and boat/people/quads/hikers… the birds can and have abandoned the entire site…. the heron in endangered.
The attachment is of a poster that she handed out 2 at the club that will be on display for all. I asked her to send this one that could be put on our website rather than scan it. I understand you are the webmaster? correct me if I am wrong… So if you can put this up on the website for any pilots that are looking up info to fly in this would be helpful. It is requested that aircraft be well above 1000′ AGL, prefer 3000′ over the nesting sites. The sounds of helicopters are more so disruptive to the birds and request 3000′ AGL or other routes.

Thanks, Arnold

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From: Marlene Machmer<>
Date: Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 08:32
Subject: map of sensitive bird sites for Creston

Hi Arnold:

Attached is the map I promised to send.

Thanks very much for your help on this!

Marlene Machmer, M.Sc., R.P. Bio.

Pandion Ecological Research Ltd.

532 Park Street, Nelson, BC V1L 2G9


Phone/fax: (250) 354-0150

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