Info: Fuel, Parking, AWOS etc.

  • CFS type info:

See Flight planning, CAJ3

FUEL: (May 2019)

Cardlock 24/7
100LL (AVGAS): $ 1.65 per liter
JET A: $ 1.60 per liter
No oil available


NO  PARKING OFF THE APRON ONTO THE GRASS PLEASE FROM FEB. TILL THE END OF APRIL DUE TO THE REALLY SOFT AND MUDDY GROUND CONDITIONS DURING SPRING.  Please keep clear of “Air Ambulance” area to allow space for Medivac aircraft, etc. to maneuver. Project to expand apron is underway and will be completed in the spring.

Overnight: grass tie downs available. Fees: one day and night, by donation or free if you fuel up using our fuel. For more:  Phone 250-428-2733.

One condition please, you need to be off the apron onto the grass, in the designated parking area for visitors. This is to the West of the apron, across from the fuel farm. See MAPS.

  • Permit holders: tie down spots to the North of the Apron reserved for these folks.  Plenty of spaces available for rent.
  • Rotor craft: on the grass, west of the Overnight parking as described above.


  • Fixed wing : On the apron, South of the helicopter parking spot.
  • Rotor: Use the runway and the main taxi way for approach and let down on the yellow H. To refuel, please land on the cement pad in front of the fuel pumps. Please do not overfly tied down or parked aircraft at low level.


call (250) 402-6326
listen in on 129.175 MHz