Flying club activities

Airport Appreciation Day. Made possible through the the hard work , planning and pleading of Cowboy Bob and supporters and volunteers. 

Formation flight Blossom festival May 2019: 4 aircraft took part

Fly club meeting May 2019: Accident chain discussion

Fly club meeting April 2019: Presentation: Base to final fun

Fly club meeting March 2019:

Fly club meeting Feb 2019:

Fly Club  meeting Dec, 2018 Presentation: Mountain flying

Fly Club meeting meeting, Nov 2018: Winter flying

Flying club meeting October: Piston engine Power management, LOP

Flying Club Sept 2018: Engine out.

Flying Club meeting: Aug 2018 : ELT and PLB

Flying club meet Jun 2018: Ditching

Flying club meeting May 2018: Off airport landing

Airport Appreciation Day – Wings and wheels

Monday, Victoria Day, May 18th, 2015. 08:00 to 14:00.

Breakfast and Lunch. Pay for flights. Lucky draw flights. Static displays of aircraft and kids activities.

Fly club meeting Nov 2013: Night flying

Fly Club meeting: October 9th, 2013

Welcome back after the summer hiatus.

We plan to modernize the Club’s Bill board at the airport entrance and ideas were thrown around.

Todd fed back on a two day fabric covering course he recently completed. Some new materials out there to use, but the basics stays the same.

He also acquired a great project. A Bushmaster, IO 360 and the wings are ready to be covered. Good luck and we shall like to lend a hand if needed. 

We listened to a presentation on “Mag checks” and why, when, how to and how not to. This term is kind of a misnomer, as we check the integrity of the whole engine ignition system. A systematic approach to isolate the culprit when finding a faulty “mag” was explained and discussed. Fellows with engine monitors are way ahead as they can readily diagnose in the cockpit what we mortals shall take an hour or two to track down by the process of elimination. 

Earlier this week we had members practicing their night TO and landings to stay current and proficient. It was a very dark night with the dew point spread at 3, indicating possible foggy conditions to be encountered on the valley floor.

Next month: Night flying: planning, dangers and joys.

Congratulations to Gordon H. for completing his BD-4 aircraft this summer. It was signed off and high speed taxi tests were completed. She is ready to take the skies. Gordon started his project in 1969 and used several parts of  a balled up Mooney. His workmanship is outstanding. More details to follow on this amazing 46 year en devour.

It was sad to see Gordon J. fly his Grumman Yankee out of our airport for the last time. She went to Victoria to spend her new life at the coast.

A welcoming sight to our airport was Lionel’s L-19 Bird dog that found her nest at CAJ3. We hope to see her fly often.


Wings and Wheels aka AAD May 20th, 2013.

  • With all the volunteers ! and residents of Creston, it could be nothing else than a success. The weather was just perfect for all to enjoy this lovely family orientated fun. The “Wheels” component added its own flavor and crowd to the day and we gladly extend our invitation to the Classic Car Club to attend next year’s AAD.
  • Raffle Draw 1-3: The Valley tour that was donated was won by Jack, a 90 yr old gentleman. He thoroughly enjoyed the trip, his first in such a small plane. The second raffle: Dominique, a 10 yr old, took this fun ride in a Citabria (sponsored by Bill) in his stride. The final draw was flown and donated by Dennis with his Super Cub on Floats for an amphibian experience on the Kootenay river and lake.
  • A big thanks to Michael, Dennis and Vern for demonstrating to the crowd the different approaches, engine outs, wheel- and 3 point landings and more.
  • Vince for that breath taking videos and the flying of that “stealth” surveillance drone.
  • The RC flyers: Kevin (impromptu), Brent, Brian and Charles for showing us your amazing flying skills. No, piston aircraft cannot do what yours did!
  • Last, but not the least, our MC: Rod for a great job keeping the crowd informed; George’s cook and serve team, and then those behind the scenes that just make it happen, the Canadian way.


Creston Airport CAJ3  5th Airport Appreciation Day Wings and Wheels Fly In. Monday May 20th 2013, Victoria Day. 08:00 to 14:00

Our Flying Club welcomes all visitors to fly or drive in to see and experience our beautiful valley. This day is to show off and show our appreciation to our Creston Valley residents for their support of our airport.

Static display of some 20 aircraft as well as Classic Car Show.  Radio controlled fixed and rotor wing will be demonstrated as well as a miniature surveillance drone.

Several volunteer organizations such  as Search and Rescue and  CASARA, which use the Airport as their base, will display some of their hardware.  Breakfast and lunch are served.


Fly over! Blossom Festival Saturday May 18th, 2013 at 10:45.

Anybody with gaggle experience welcome. Briefing starts at 09:00. No briefing, no gaggle flight for you.

  • This turned out to be a great flight and experience for the two newcomers.  We had a 6 ship formation flying 3 runs and received positive feed back from the spectators afterwards.
  • The exposure of the Flying Club to the Creston residents was invaluable so to attract non-pilots to flying.
  • Participating pilots expressed their interest to have more formal training to master a closer formation knowingly the difficulties of matching all different configurations of aircraft and pilot abilities.

Club meetings

Every first Wednesday eve of the month, in the new Emergency Response building.

Club meeting May 1st, 2013:

  • Upcoming ADD.  We are privileged to have so many volunteers to make this day work.
  • Oskosh 2012, slide show. One of our members highlighted the spirit of EAA with photos of the many war birds and experimental aircraft on display.

Club meeting April 3rd, 2013:

  • Fire extinguishers in the cockpit
  • P STAR questionnaire and discussion

Club meeting March 6th, 2013:

  • OWT : Preventative Maintenance
  • P-STAR grilling

Club meeting February 6th, 2013:

  • Engine oil: how to choose
  • P-STAR more questions and discussion

Club meeting January 2nd, 2013:

  • In flight emergency: how to get down fast
  • P-STAR

Club meeting December 5th, 2012:

  • Carb heat
  • P – STAR

Club meeting November, 2012:

  • Tires and Tubes for light aircraft
  • Stick and Rudder skills


Creston Airport CAJ3 4th AAD and Fly In.

Monday May 21st 2012, Victoria Day.

08:00 to 14:00

Our Flying Club welcomes all visitors to fly or drive in to see and experience our beautiful valley. Breakfast and lunch served. Several volunteer organizations which use the Airport as their base will display some of their activities.

  • Flying Club MEETINGS

Every first Wednesday eve of the month, in the new Emergency Response building.

Club meeting Febr 1, 2012:

  • Basic Instrument flying for the VFR pilot by Bill.

AI: your friend, back up is the electric TC. Know your air speeds, corresponding power/RPM, pitch picture as well as resulting rates of descent and climb. Know your heading out of inadvertent IMC and trust your AI and or TC. Train and train more. Attention to detail and disciplined flying are paramount.

Club meeting Jan 4th, 2012:

  • OWT #4: “Carb-icing only when it is cold and you are in the clouds”. Michael W discussed the types of frame ice, how to predict, detect and monitor the development, the effect on performance, remedies to save your life.
  • Pitot heat: on always, when the dew point  spread is less than 5 degrees some advise.
  • Carb heat: on if below the green arc of the RPM/tachometer and in the event of  icing conditions where you notice a slight drop in in flight RPM (fixed prop) and of course if the engine stumbles as your rectal sphincter will attest to. It might take a few minutes to melt the ice and allow unrestricted airflow into the carb. Carb heat stays on till out of the icing conditions. (Some recommend to lean a bit as carb heat will enrichen your mix). C/S prop drivers: watch your carb ice temp probe.
  • Some great websites shared: Climate Prediction Center, Flight, ADDS in the USA.

Club meeting May 3rd, 2011

  • OWT#3: “keep up airspeed and you won’t stall”. Various types of stalls discussed. The deadliest: base to final, slight tailwind, overshoot , acute banking and inside rudder to get the nose around, back on the stick to hold me up to salvage the approach and then the  final touch: upper wing aileron raised to arrest the acute banking. Low, slow and cross controlled. Trouble for sure.
  • Spiral dive recovery: does it make sense to POWER, PUSH, RUDDER, ROLL and ease out the dive as in: power off,  then stick slightly forward to off load wings, level the wings and ease out of the dive? The jury is out.

Club meeting April 05, 2011

  • OWT #2: Never fly over square. Not so, just follow your POH. This myth is a left over from old radial engine times.
  • Revisited LOP issue. 50 degrees lean or rich of peak is both 50 degrees temperature from peak. At 50 d lean of peak: no harm to your engine as there is less fuel, less combustion and less internal cylinder pressure. At 50 degree ROP: here you have enough fuel to cool the cylinder down to this temperature, but at this fuel mixture and resultant combustion, you have the highest internal cylinder pressure. This pressure is likely the reason for burnt exhaust valves when the  high pressure hot air that “blow torches” past the exhaust valve opening.
  • Cap n Ron:”Peak CHT is the worst place to be, but that’s about 75 rich of peak EGT. OTOH, peak EGT is a very good place to be for most carbureted engines, as it provides an excellent balance of power, economy, and smoothness (carbureted engines being somewhat intolerant of runnin all cylinders lean of peak EGT due to the inherent unevenness of the fuel/air mix in the various cylinders).”
  • Airport Appreciation Day planning discussed. Effort to get the kids involved.
  • Fly out to Elko/Sparwood.

Club meeting March 03 , 2011
OWT #1. Leaning LOP burns valves and costs you lots of money. Watched and discussed “LOP” as per Mike Bush’s Webinar. Not many converts as the 40 to 50 year old POH’s, mechanics, personal experience and anecdotes still rule.

Club meeting October 6th, 2010

  • The new Airport Manager, Aaron will be talking to us about his past aviation experiences and some of the plans he has for the future. Great talk on past experiences and current commercial operation as well as their planned flight school that will start up Jan, 2011.
  • Michael will give a brief talk about I.F.R. “Everything you wanted to know about I.F.R but where afraid to ask”. Very informative and hats of to those brave soles that can trust their eyes and not their butt and ears!
  • Continue our discussions concerning the role of the Flying Club at next year’s open house.- We would like to provide more items of interest to the younger people attending the open house.Therefore we are planning to display some dioramas with model airplanes and have a quiz concerning details to be observed of the various airplanes.-A colouring contest for the younger kids?
  • It is time to start organizing the traditional Fly past on the 11th November.  Michael will take the lead as coordinator. Some training runs to be scheduled this month.

Creston Airport Appreciation Day

Victoria Day May 23rd, 2011

  • Target audience:  Creston Valley people
  • Time: 10h00 – 15h00
  • Eyes to the skies, Flight over town: 09h15
  • Welcoming words.
  • Master plan: Static presentation
  • Displays

◦     Static exhibition

▪     CASARA , (RCMP, Fire Department , Ambulance only if there is interest)

▪     Bear Air Flight school

▪     Air Cadets  if any interest

▪     Radio Control:                                    Paragliding:   Vincent

.      Rotary wing

▪     Fixed wing

  • C-140/150/172/177/195, Lake, Kitfox, Super Cub, Maule, J3 Cub, Tomahawk, Morane Saulnier, Beaver, Cavalier/Monocoach, Hyperlight,  Citabria, Duchess, R44, Meridian

▪     Sightseeing flights no host

▪    Demonstration flight:

  • Rotary       hover and auto rotation
  • Fixed wing            Slip, Power-off Landing, Spiral  Descent,  Low and Over, Short  Field Take-off, Grass , Wheel landing

▪    Kids: Paper plane folding and distance or flight aloft, Diorama

  • Concession
  • Tractor ride
  • Raffle Tickets draw for free flight at 12:00; 13:00; 14:00

Remembrance Day Nov 11th, 2011 fly over

Michael to lead the bunch in the Beaver. Pilots soon to be contacted for a review of procedures an details.

Remembrance flight for Volker

Went well. Thanks to those who organized and flew his ashes to Volker’s favorite spot. resting spot.


Seal coating: Thursday 16th 08:00, done. Thanks for all the volunteers that showed up to make this happen. New kid on the block: Congratulations to Bill with the great looking Citabria.  Lots of upside down fun! Painting the hangar white and green, to start soon.Airport Appreciation Day 2011: Dreaming and scheming can start now. Air force static display? Your opinion sought. Remembrance Day Fly by: November 11th, 2010.  Had  a lot of fun. 5 planes involved of which two float planes and a spectacular break away, flying the “missing man”,  lead to much appreciated feedback from many.

Fly out 2011: Late Volker: ” Just don’t talk about it, do it!”


Canmore May 30th, 2011: Breakfast Fly in.Approx 380 NM there (Pincher) and 360 back (Radium). Two day trip with a stop over at Fairmont Hotspring for soak and lunch.

May 30, Camrose, AB (CEQ3): Flight 137 56th Annual Fly-In Breakfast from 7 a.m. to 12 noon. Hearty western Breakfast $7, expecting over 100 aircraft. One of the largest, longest running Fly-Ins in Western Canada. Everyone welcome. For more information please contact Barry Graham,

May 1, Red Deer, AB: Our annual Fly-In / Drive-In pancake breakfast will be held at the Sky Wings hangar from 8 a.m. until noon. No Rust Remover this year. Airplane rides at a cost of $25 per seat will be available at Sky Wings for “Old Buzzards” and others! For more information please contact Bert Lougheed at 403-350-5511. Visit our website at

May 1, Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK): 99s Poker Run. Rescheduled from Fall of 2010. Open to all pilots…everyone welcome. Abbotsford, Boundary Bay, Chilliwack, Delta Airpark, Langley, Squamish, Victoria, Pitt Meadows (terminus). Lots of fun & prizes; funds raised go towards aviation scholarships and projects. Rain date: May 15. Watch for a poster on our website or call Raeleen, 604-837-4148.
May 7, Springhouse, BC (CAQ4): COPA Flight 21 COPA for Kids. For more information, please contact Dave Ireland

May 8, Sundre, AB: COPA Flight 146, the Sundre airport’s 25th year will be honoured at the Mothers Day Fly in Breakfast from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Honoured guests: Paddy Munro, Reeve of Mountain View County – Syd Vollmin, Mountain View County Reeve in 1985 – Norman Cummins, first Captain COPA Flight 146 (2006). For more information please contact Mountain View Pilots and Flying Association/Sundre Flying Club President Bryce Schacher, 403-556-1369,, or Alf & Norma Bicknell, 403-638-9001,

May 8, Cache Creek, BC (AZ5): 12th Annual Fly-In Breakfast from 8:30 a.m. until noon. Located at the Cache Creek Airport, 50 miles west of Kamloops and 1 ½ hours from Chilliwack. Everyone welcome flying or driving. For more information please contact Andy Anderson, 250-453-2281, 250-457-7333 or

May 14, Chilliwack Airport, BC: Fly Market and Swap Meet. Sponsored by EAA Chapter 1477 and the Chilliwack Flying Club. Flying events. BBQ. Bring your aviation junk – tables available. Bring your wallet – leave with your aviation treasure. For more information please contact Joe Martin,

May 14, Delta, BC (CAK3): COPA Flight 5 COPA for Kids with a rain date of May 15, 2011. For more information, please contact Bruce Prior, 604-437-4219 or email Visit the website at

May 14, Rocky Mountain House, AB: COPA Flight 166 COPA for Kids with a rain date of May 15, 2011. For more information, please contact Alan Acker at 403-845-0978 or email

May 15, Barrhead, AB (CEP3): 2nd Annual Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast from 0800-1100. Located Barrhead Johnson Airport. Fuel 100 LL available, 3500×100 asphalt, 123.2 com. Plenty of aircraft parking. For more information please contact Peter, 780-915-1569,

May 22, Westlock, AB (CES4): COPA Flight 61, St. Albert Flying Club Nav/Dash Fun Event. Precision flying exercise around a course and a complimentary BBQ to follow. Pilot briefing 9 a.m. in terminal building. Join us for a fun day of flying. Rain date Monday, May 23. For more information please contact Ben Strafford, 780-458-1606,

May 23, Creston, BC (CAJ3): Airport Appreciation Day. Cerston Airport, N49 02 13, W 116 29 54. Breakfast and lunch served, static displays of airport users. Fly-in visitors welcome. Spring fair in town this weekend. For more information please contact Rudi Kroon, 250-428-5047. Visit

May 28, Prince George, BC (CYXS): COPA Flight 79 Annual Fly in Drive in Breakfast. Central B.C. Flying Club is hosting the second annual Breakfast starting 8:30ish at the clubhouse Located at the south end of the ramp at CYXS. For more information, please contact Gordon Jack, 250-565-5400 or email

May 30, Camrose, AB (CEQ3): Flight 137 56th Annual Fly-In Breakfast from 7 a.m. to 12 noon. Hearty western Breakfast $7, expecting over 100 aircraft. One of the largest, longest running Fly-Ins in Western Canada. Everyone welcome. For more information please contact Barry Graham,